Atlanta is the perfect backdrop for the zombies of "The Walking Dead."

Check out the locations for some awesome Superhero movies shot in Atlanta.

Filmmakers are drawn to the wide array of scenery found in and around Atlanta.

Top Filming Locations in Atlanta

Hollywood has given two thumbs up to the city of Atlanta. Easy access to Atlanta and a diverse range of neighborhoods within a few miles of Downtown can portray everything from New York City to middle America to a quaint Southern town on the Bayou. Here are a few of the top locations where filmmakers use Atlanta as a backdrop to make magic. 

The Gulch and Norfolk-Southern Building

The Gulch, Downtown, specifically the parking area under the old Norfork-Southern building and the building itself are popular spots to film. Although it is about to undergo construction, the area will still look like it does in certain movie scenes. This area is the location for some of the biggest hit movies of the last decade.

Shows and films: “The Walking Dead” (AMC), “Captain America: Civil War,” “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay,” “Life As We Know It,” “Triple 9,” “The Gifted” (FOX), “Baby Driver,” “Jumanji,” “Stranger Things” (Netflix)

Castleberry Hill Railroad Spur

This little-known area hidden behind the Walker Street properties has been popular with films since the 1980s. Walk from Mangum Street to Haynes Street to see some of the backdrops for some pretty epic scenes.  

Shows and films: “Freejack,” “Kalifornia,” “The Resident” (FOX), “Taken 3,” “Let’s Be Cops,” “Term Life”

Peters Street Bridge

One of the popular areas for filming is right Downtown in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood. This bridge and the area surrounding it have been seen frequently in movies and TV shows.

Shows and films: “The Walking Dead” (AMC), “The Nice Guys,” “Furious 7,” “Date Night”

Mitchell Street

Another super popular spot for filming is the old “Hotel Row” between Ted Turner Drive and Forsyth Street, and it’s been dressed up and down plenty of times for some of your all-time favorite scenes. See if you can spot some of them.

Shows and films: “The Walking Dead” (AMC), “Black Panther,” “Furious 7,” “MacGyver” (FOX), “Superfly,” “Spiderman: Homecoming”

High Museum of Art

This building truly shows great range from appearing as hospitals to a London museum. No matter what they use it for we have to say it looks magnificent. In “Black Panther,” you may notice a little movie magic was used to add a glass dome.

Shows and films: “The Watch,” “Coma” (A&E mini-series), “Black Panther,” “Manhunter,” “The Resident” (FOX)

Glenwood Park

Another popular filming area is Glenwood Park with its quaint streets and suburban feel (even though it’s right in the middle of the city).

Shows and films: “The Boss,” “Hall Pass,” “Drop Dead Diva” (Lifetime), “The Blind Side,” “Pitch Perfect 3”


The general area of Walton/Forsyth in Downtown Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park District is very popular, especially for action flicks like the latest Marvel movies, a must for any Marvel fan to check out while in the A.

Shows and films: “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Venom,” “The Walking Dead” (AMC), “Baby Driver,” “Stranger Things” (Netflix)

Agnes Scott College

Widely recognized for its unique beauty, the Agnes Scott campus is located six miles east of Atlanta in Decatur. With its well-maintained Gothic and Victorian architecture Agnes Scott has played a variety of “characters” in more than 20 feature films, as well as countless commercials.

Show and films: “Driving Miss Daisy,” “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “Scream,” “The Blind Side” “Life of the Party”

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