Think you're smart? Try some full contact trivia at the Elder Tree.

Trivia nights abound in Atlanta. Grab your buds for some brews and pizza.

Where to Play Trivia In Atlanta

So many trivia nights, so little time. We have narrowed the plentiful possibilities down to some of the best trivia nights in Atlanta. Although we can’t promise your undoubtedly cleverly named team will reach the No.1 spot, there is no question that you’ll have a good time.

“Full Contact” Trivia at The Elder Tree (East Atlanta Village)

Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. Named after an old Irish tradition in which an Elder Tree is planted as a sign of protection, The Elder Tree Public House is a welcoming environment with its chatty clientele and sleek wood accents. However, come here on a Tuesday and you’ll find some intense competition going on between bites of decadent comfort food. Fair warning, no cheaters or amateurs because this trivia is unapologetically challenging as well as competitive. Try your luck, though, and if you place in the top three you’ll receive a generous house cash prize and feel pretty smart.

“Questionable” Trivia at The Local (Midtown)

Wednesdays 8 p.m. The Local certainly isn’t a fancy bar, and it isn’t trying to be. Don’t let that fool you. There is a reason it has a loyal following. The food is on point, especially the wings, so grab some grub, a drink and try not to look at your phone for answers. You and your team will laugh through rounds of wrack-your-brain trivia at this dive bar. The topics are general and range from sports to pop culture and everything in between. Once again, house cash is awarded so bring your smartest pals.

“Nerd-Core” Trivia at Diesel Filling Station (Virginia-Highland)

Tuesdays 8 p.m. This is the theme night to beat all theme nights. This geek-out extravaganza has everyone’s inner nerd drooling. Topics can range from “Star Wars” to video games, math, science, BSG, comics, Simpsons, internet humor, zombies and Whedonverse. The possibilities are endless. Pizza is perfect for splitting among your team members. Once you’ve washed that down with a beverage you can fight over whether “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” is better in between eight pub-style trivia rounds.

“Atlanta’s Best” Trivia at Joe’s on Juniper (Midtown)

Thursdays 8 p.m. Voted by Creative Loafing, Fenuxe and Southern Voice as Atlanta’s best trivia, this one had to make the list. This trivia night has questions that get more difficult each round and comes with a great mixture of first-timers as well as serious trivia teams. If the “punny” titles on the menu and general vibe don’t give it away, this staple is LGBTQ friendly and is a great time, with prizes to be had. If you’re feeling a little adventurous check out their XXX adult trivia on Mondays.

“Trivia Tuesdays” at The Vortex (Little 5 Points)

Tuesdays 8 p.m. For a true only-in-Atlanta trivia experience we have your answer. Not only is the Vortex a must-see Atlanta landmark, the trivia nights leave nothing to be desired. Sinfully good food: Check. Funky atmosphere: Check. Great drink selection: Check. Hilarious master of ceremonies? You better believe it. If you want a fun and exciting team trivia experience no matter your skill level this is the right answer. Just manage your points right and you may win the coveted “Vortex Bucks.”

There is no better way to spend a weeknight with friends than testing your knowledge and hopefully winning a few prizes. So getting out to these top trivia nights isn’t even a question. You should do it.

And if you’re up for a long night out, try some of Atlanta’s best karaoke spots and other fun bars around town. 

Courtney Bigum is a marketing professional and Atlanta local always looking for new and exciting ways to explore the city. There is never a weekend an adventure doesn’t find her.

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