Mystics, Monks, Magicians
& Druids: A Field Guide

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Date(s): 3/11/23
Start time: 9:00 AM
End time: 3:00 PM

x, GA

Phone: 949-293-4797
Type: Spirituality

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What is the difference between a pagan and a shaman? A monk and a friar? A mystic and a magician? What makes the “new age” new, and why do many spiritual teachers and traditions emphasize what is old? Why do Catholics venerate Saint Brigid while Wiccans revere the Goddess Brigid (and are they more like each other than either side wants to admit)?
What is the Kabbalah (and why is it sometimes spelled Qabalah or Cabbala)? And most importantly of all: what does all these different spiritual teachings and traditions have to do with down-to-earth people in the 21st century who are trying to find their own spiritual path and practice?

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