FOR PRAXIS Art Experiment

This event date has passed
Date(s): 10/9/22
Start time: 12:00 PM
End time: 9:00 PM

Underground Atlanta
50 Upper Alabama St
Atlanta, GA 30303

Type: Visual Arts & Galleries

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Welcome to the art city of PRAXIS – meaning “in practice.” During this one-day economic performance art experiment, PRAXIS Mayor Mike Stasny will give away $10,000 USD in PRAXIS currency. Visiting patrons will be given 100.00 P.C. (PRAXIS Currency) while funds last. The currency is only spendable within the city of PRAXIS, located at Underground Atlanta.

In PRAXIS there will be art vendors, games, performance artists, and creative surprises. These will be curated by Art Entrepreneurs who are artists/arts organizations in residence at Underground Atlanta, including George Long/Itch, Maria McDowell/EEMCDEE, Priscilla Smith/No Tomorrow, Carl Janes/The Inner Space, EuGene V Byrd III/Future, and the Mayor, Mike Stasny/Mom Said It’s Fine.

Patrons can use P.C. to support any Art Entrepreneur and purchase from vendors. They can spend more than their P.C, in additional USD currency, but are asked to spend all the P.C. they receive. At the end, Art Entrepreneurs only can cash in P.C. for USD currency via Mayor Mike Stasny.

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