Hop’N Go Tours

Atlanta, GA 30331

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Get ready to experience a very different side of Atlanta that you've never seen before. This two to three hour city bus tour is Atlanta's newest and creative way to see and experience the city by exploring the LOCAL SIDE. Hop'N Go Tours is a family family friendly, hop on hop off city bus tour that fully blends all of Atlanta's most unique elements together. From historical landmarks, to unique street art, celebrity attractions, local museums , markets and more. We have put together an all inclusive experience for everyone to enjoy. As soon as our bus doors open, we welcome you with an Atlanta classic song followed up with a dance (just to break the ice). After you're seated, your whisked away to iconic landmarks from various time periods in Atl history that will bring back memories & make you feel as if you are now apart of ATL culture. Tours begin downtown Metro Atlanta and are as low as $40 for kids. Flexible tour hours so book now or call 678-748-7747 for more info.