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New Black Wall
Street Market

8109 Mall Parkway
Stonecrest, GA 30038

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The New Black Wall Street Market, in Stonecrest, GA, is a destination for family, fun, great food, entertainment, and retail. This 125,000 square-foot center, offers curated experiences starting with Art Avenue, on Bourbon Street. There, guests can buy world-class artwork while learning about the artists. Then, there is Mattie's Tea Room, which offers a unique southern-style tea experience complete with delectable savory and sweet tiers curated by Executive Chef Tonisha J. Also on Bourbon Street, the Pink Lion Jazz Club offers amazing local, regional and nationally known jazz, R&B, and soul band performances. Next, our decadent 300+ seat Grand Ballroom, featuring a 10X20-foot LED screen, is a premium event space ripe for banquets, meetings, and formal community events. Guests can also visit Madam C.J. Walker Blvd, Choctaw Ave. and A.G. Gaston Lane and purchase from 100+ merchants for a complete experience. Call today. Group tours & private event rentals are available.