Firearm/Gun Access & Carry

Summarize the prevailing law(s) regarding access to guns and the ability to carry them

Georgia is a shall-issue state with concealed carry permits or Weapons Carry License (WCL) issued at the county level.

What are the requirements to purchase a gun?

Georgia residents 21 years and older (or 18 if in the military or honorably discharged) are eligible to purchase a gun if they do not have any felony or drug convictions, no stays in a mental hospital in the last five years and have not been committed to a mental hospital against their will in the last five years. Background checks are required at the point of sale from a licensed dealer.

Does your state currently have a law banning the sale/purchase of assault weapons?

It is illegal to possess sawed-off shotguns or rifles, machine guns and other dangerous weapons (rocket launcher, bazooka, recoilless rifle, mortar, hand grenade) or silencer.

What are the requirements to own and store a gun?

To own a gun in Georgia, you cannot:

What permits are required to carry a gun?

Georgia is a permitless carry state.

When carrying a gun, what are the requirements for its concealment or open carry?

Georgia is a permitless carry state.

What exceptions to the laws exist?

Private businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and attractions, can prohibit firearms on premises.

If firearms are allowed, please outline the host city’s plan and available resources to help ensure the safety of ASH participants by addressing these measures.

There are provisions for public event venues like Georgia World Congress Center to host events banning entry of firearms. For the convention center, ASH will have the option to facilitate a building lockdown for Buildings A, B and C. Through the building lockdown process, groups are able to control access to the building and limit / prohibit firearms. GWCCA Public Safety is the exclusive provider for all lockdowns and fees will apply to execute this service. We will work with RA Consulting (or whoever your chosen security provider) in conjunction with our public safety team to ensure your safety needs are executed accordingly.

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