TASTE: Atlanta is a limited series developed for television as part of the popular, globally syndicated, Voyager Series, now available on DirecTV. The Taste series is hosted by Atlanta-based, French-trained chef Taria Camerino. Chef Taria is one of the most vocal ambassadors of natural, locally sourced ingredients and a huge advocate for diversity in the kitchen. She walks us through Atlanta’s diverse dining scene and neighborhoods, introducing us to established, award winning chefs and up-and-coming chefs, and gets them to prepare a meal together. As an added twist, pun intended, chef Taria asks a local mixologist to create a cocktail to pair with the dinner.

TASTE: Atlanta Fire

Atlanta was forged in fire and that’s reflected in its impressive culinary scene. Meet chef Ron Hsu, along with newcomer chef Mia Orino, and bartender Tim Faulkner.

TASTE: Atlanta Flavors

It’s the Southern flavors infused with innovative that Atlanta is known for and chefs Terry Koval and Carla Fears  take us on a tour together with bartenderToki Sears.

TASTE: Atlanta Colors

Chefs create like artists paint. Meet chefs Maricela Vega and Steven Satterfield, inspired by local ingredients, create a meal that is crowned by a cake from Karen Portaleo, Sugar Artist.


Executive Producer: Farook Singh
Supervising Producer: Bryan Smoker
Host: Chef Taria Camerino
Concept by: Andrew Wilson
Cast: Innovative chefs and artists from Atlanta’s culinary world
Director: Erik Wieder
Atlanta Producers: Andrew Wilson, Sheretha Bell, Jo Ann Haden-Miller- Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau
Produced by: TANTRA. Copyright MMXX – Tantra, Inc. All rights reserved

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