Fearless Innovation: Atlanta’s Food Story

Atlanta’s food story has been told by many people over the years but none with the focus and passion that chef Taria Camerino has brought to this project. We invited Taria to curate and author this book not only because she is a talented chef in her own right, but also because she has a unique perspective on the food scene in Atlanta, having lived and worked here for several decades. Taria brought a level of passion to this project not only in her personal quest to elevate the awareness of the Atlanta food scene, but also in her desire to understand the complex social history of race relations, Atlanta’s role in the American civil rights movement, and the impact of all of this on Atlanta’s dining scene.

This is not your typical cookbook. Yes, it has recipes, but so does a box of pasta. The goal of this book is to make you hungry – hungry to explore this city, hungry to meet our chefs, hungry to learn innovative ways to combine ingredients, and, above all, hungry to eat every single one of the dishes in this book. This book will be more at home on your coffee table than on your bookshelf or in your kitchen. While that is intentional, it should not distract from the sheer talent represented by these chefs that call Atlanta home. We want this book to stimulate conversations about Atlanta’s burgeoning food scene. More than anything, we want this to shine a spotlight on the up-and-coming creatives who work tirelessly alongside the established chefs, some of whom have been operating in Atlanta for many years.

TASTE: Atlanta The Book

Follow chef Taria Camerino as she seeks to understand the foundation of the culinary landscape of Atlanta, and documents this in a beautiful cookbook with recipes from forty chefs and mixologists. This episode of the Taste: Atlanta TV series tells the story of the making of the book. 


Executive Producer: Farook Singh
Supervising Producer: Bryan Smoker
Host: Chef Taria Camerino
Concept by: Andrew Wilson
Cast: Innovative chefs and artists from Atlanta’s culinary world
Director: Erik Wieder
Atlanta Producers: Andrew Wilson, Sheretha Bell, Jo Ann Haden-Miller- Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau
Produced by: TANTRA. Copyright MMXX – Tantra, Inc. All rights reserved

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