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Atlanta promotional videos

Atlanta: Doing Everything On A Different Level
Welcome to Atlanta. Here’s a glimpse of what we love about our city starting with the bold influences in the arts, culture, music and entertainment. Atlanta’s diversity and rich history offer a unique experience for all who visit and for those that are proud to call The City in a Forest home.

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:15 second version

Atlanta Attendance-Building Video
Use this video to create excitement about your upcoming meeting or event in Atlanta.

Three additional versions of this video are also available:
:30 Second Version
:60 Second Version
1:20 Second

Welcome to Atlanta from Mayor Dickens (1:19)
Atlanta Mayor Dickens welcomes you and your conference to Atlanta. Discover the attractions and history that make Atlanta great.

Guide to Atlanta’s Neighborhoods – From Downtown to Buckhead and Beyond (2:24)
Atlanta has a variety of unique in-town neighborhoods, and each offers its personality to the city as a whole.

Explore Atlanta’s Downtown Neighborhood (0:45)
Most visitors’ journeys begin downtown in Centennial Olympic Park, the epicenter of downtown life. With inspiring attractions and year-round sporting events, there’s always something going on, but there is much more to Downtown than that. Explore each neighborhood to find out what Downtown Atlanta is all about.

Explore Atlanta’s Midtown Neighborhood (1:18)
Whether it’s arts and culture or the outdoors you’re looking for, Midtown Atlanta has you covered. Explore Atlanta’s “heart of the arts” in Midtown at the High Museum of Art or the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Head a few blocks over to discover the greenery of Piedmont Park. And when the sun goes down, head to Midtown’s Crescent Avenue for heart-pounding nightlife.

Explore Atlanta’s Buckhead Neighborhood (1:46)
Nowhere else in Atlanta will you find the best of high-end shopping and award-winning cuisine. In Buckhead, style and elegance meets Southern charm. The area is known for sweeping Southern mansions and decadent dining, but even more so for shopping. Between Lenox Square, Phipps Plaza and The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, retail enthusiasts will delight in everything from Christian Louboutin to Hermès.

Explore Atlanta’s Eastside Neighborhood (1:05)
Atlanta’s Eastside is full of fun, and though it’s home to the city’s hipster population, skinny jeans aren’t required. In these neighborhoods you’ll find tattooed chefs, vintage clothing stores and discover that it’s a phenomenal spot for people watching. Whether you’re into live music or awesome street art, this is where you need to be. There’s no short supply of creativity or community in these Atlanta neighborhoods.

Explore Atlanta’s Westside Neighborhood (1:18)
Atlanta’s Westside is a walkable retail paradise, as well as a haven for foodies and fashionistas.

Explore Metro Atlanta (5:30)
Metro Atlanta is made up of several key areas that each offer unique experiences.

International Atlanta promotional videos

¡Bienvenido a Atlanta, Georgia! (2:52)
¡Bienvenido a Atlanta, Georgia! En Atlanta, encontrará un sinfín de actividades para todos los gustos: desde eventos deportivos y una amplia variedad de tiendas para ir de compras hasta íconos culturales y entretenimiento. Atlanta, Georgia, es conocida como la capital del sur de los Estados Unidos, y solo aquí podrá disfrutar de los sabores más auténticos y exquisitos de la región. Además, el agradable clima de Atlanta y la hospitalidad de sus habitantes hacen que esta ciudad sea el destino sureño preferido en cualquier momento del año.

Bienvenue à Atlanta, en Géorgie! (2:50)
Bienvenue à Atlanta, la capitale de l’État de Géorgie ! Nous vous invitons à découvrir la ville à multiples facettes qu’est Atlanta selon vos envies et vos goûts : manifestations sportives, shopping, sorties culturelles, spectacles… À Atlanta, la capitale du Sud des États-Unis, vous goûterez les saveurs authentiques de la région. De plus, son climat doux et son hospitalité légendaire font d’Atlanta la destination du Sud la plus convoitée quelle que soit la saison.

Willkommen in Atlanta, Georgia GEORGIA! (2:46)
Willkommen in Atlanta, Georgia! Atlanta bietet dem Besucher alles von Sportveranstaltungen über großartige Shoppingmöglichkeiten bis hin zu Kultur und Unterhaltung. Atlanta, Georgia ist die Hauptstadt des Südens der USA und der richtige Ort, um authentische Südstaaten-Küche zu genießen. Das milde Klima und die legendäre Gastfreundschaft der Südstaatler machen Atlanta zu jeder Jahreszeit zu einem angenehmen Reiseziel in den Südstaaten.

Bem-vindo a Atlanta, Georgia! (1:18)
Bem-vindo a Atlanta, na Geórgia! Em Atlanta você encontrará de tudo: eventos esportivos, ótimas opções de compras, ícones culturais e entretenimento. Atlanta, na Geórgia, é a capital do Sul dos EUA, onde você pode apreciar os gostos da região da maneira mais autêntica. Sem mencionar que o clima ameno e a hospitalidade sulista de Atlanta tornam essa cidade o destino sulista mais aprazível em qualquer época do ano.

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