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10 ways to get family talking, sharing and having fun

1) Memory T-Shirts 
Customized Atlanta-themed t-shirts are a great souvenir that can also be used to identify members of the various branches of your extended family. Color-coded family tree name tags are a less-expensive alternative.

2) Photo Swap 
Invite family members to bring old family photos of people, places and even previous reunions to scan and create CDs of everyone’s photos.

3) Family Scavenger Hunt 
Before the reunion gather information about the entire family and create questions.  Add pictures to correspond with the questions to create a custom book for all members of your family to use during the scavenger hunt and keep as a souvenir after the reunion. 

4) Family Tree Wall Chart 
Create a large family tree chart to display on the wall for family members to fill in and correct any inaccurate information.  This helps people visualize their place within the family and provides a great source of genealogical information once it is complete.

5) Heritage Cookbook 
Collect favorite recipes from family members in advance and ask them to include details about and memories of the dish with a picture, if applicable.  Enlist the services of a printing company to create a customized family cookbook to give to members at the reunion.

6) Storytime 
Encourage family memories with a storytelling hour.  Contact  StoryCorps, a free service that provides Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of their lives.

7) Tour into the Past 
If your family reunion is held near where the family originated, schedule a trip to the old family homestead, church or cemetery, where you can share family memories or research old records.

8) Family History Skits & Reenactments 
Reenact stories from your own family history in skits or plays.  Provide props and costumes for the full effect or take it a step further with the help of a company that provides green screen, video montage and photo-booth services at an affordable rate.

9) Oral History 
Record interviews with different family members.  If the reunion is in honor of a special event, relate questions to that or ask questions about other select memories.

10) Memorabilia Table 
Set up a table for attendees to display treasured family memorabilia—historic photos, military medals, old jewelry, family Bibles, etc. 

Original Source: Kimberly Powell Genealogy Guide Website

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