Sustainability Efforts at the MICHELIN Guide Atlanta Launch Event

Atlanta welcomed the MICHELIN Guide on Oct. 24 at a history-making event in Atlanta’s historic Rialto Center for the Arts. As MICHELIN and Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau welcomed guests to celebrate Atlanta restaurants and chefs in a uniquely curated reception, one thing was top of mind – sustainability. 

By the vision of Andrew Wilson, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau, Atlanta set out to help MICHELIN host a sustainable event as close to zero-waste as possible, honoring resources and directing them to others who need them. Chef Taria Cameria helped carry on the vision.

MICHELIN Guide Atlanta launch event . (Photo by Zach Hilty/

Sustainability is a holistic and forward-thinking approach to managing resources and human activities in a way that seeks to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Such efforts are a testament to the commitment to reduce environmental impact. 

Under the guidance of chef Camerino, the MICHELIN Guide Launch ceremony adhered to standards set by TRUE, a zero-waste certification program dedicated to measuring, improving and recognizing zero-waste performance. 

Sustainability efforts in Atlanta to honor our earth.

To ensure that 90% of all waste from the event did not enter the landfill, these practices will be in place: 


Great food at the MICHELIN Guide Atlanta launch event. (Photo by Zach Hilty/

To cater the event, BOLD Catering & Design worked closely with Retaaza, a social enterprise that connects farmers and communities, making local food more accessible and affordable. Imperfect produce that Georgia farmers would otherwise have to discard was used, offsetting the cost for the local farmers and keeping the produce from ending up in landfills. 


Flower arrangements were donated after the event. (Photo by Zach Hilty/

In partnership with Presenting Atlanta and Juice Studios, all decorations were made from recycled material or reusable. Flower arrangements used to decorate the event were given a second life at PruittHealth Hospice. 


Intentionally sustainable decorations at the MICHELIN Guide Atlanta launch event. (Photo by Zach Hilty/

“Trash” at the event looked a little different. There was only the need for receptacles to dispose of glass bottles to be recycled and waste to be composed. 

Plateware used at the event, from plates to glasses, was only reusable or composted to feed the soil. No single-use plastic was used at the ceremony. In partnership with Haulin’ Glass, glass bottles were recycled. 

Working with the nonprofit organization Second Helpings Atlanta, all food that could be saved was distributed to those in need. What could not be saved was composed by CompostNow. 

Planning for Success 

Intention was behind every decision made in planning the MICHELIN Guide Atlanta launch event. The efforts to try to host a zero-waste event went across organizers, partners and sponsors and began before the event started. For the event day, all staff was trained and educated on assisting attendees in maintaining the zero-waste initiative. 

Sustainability in a zero-waste event is not merely a trend; it’s a necessity that helps drive positive change locally and globally. 

Congratulations to all the Atlanta restaurants recognized by the MICHELIN Guide Atlanta 2023.

Born and raised in Mexico, Daniela is a bilingual journalist living in Atlanta. She is passionate about telling stories that highlight the diversity and the blooming gastronomic scene in Atlanta.

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