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Collaborations among Some of Atlanta’s Best Chefs

Chefs from all over the world and from our own backyard make Atlanta home. Some have traveled thousands of miles around the globe, collecting memories, flavors, stories and techniques along the way. Others have dug deep into our history, culture and traditions here in the South. They all have in common that Atlanta is where they serve all of that love packaged in memorable dishes in every neighborhood and on every street.  

Lazy Betty is a playground for chefs to create and collaborate. (Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee)

It’s no surprise that Atlanta’s food story has evolved over the years and is recognized worldwide today. Chefs and diners are conversing through arrays of flavors where family recipes are the road map and local ingredients are the stars of the party.

From the crackle of a flavorful fried chicken leg that has been marinated for hours to the explosiveness of flavors in a dish of Thai panang curry or the beautiful vol-au-vent filled with foie gras, Atlanta chefs raise the bar.  

Chef Parnass Savang, left, of Talat Market and chef Santiago Gomez of Palo Santo prepare to mix Thai and Mexican flavors at their Gourmet Gathering during the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. (Photo by Daniela Cintron)

Chefs around Atlanta bring global flavors and their own stories to the table. Then, when they work together, collaborating on a menu, they create magic. The food industry in Atlanta is a tight-knit community of food enthusiasts who dedicate their lives to exploring flavors. Often they do it together. No matter the size of the kitchen, there is always room for chefs to build a tasty story together. 

Chef Jarrett Stieber of Little Bear and chef Olivia McCoy of Daily Chew are in the kitchen together for the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. (Photo by Daniela Cintron)

The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is a fantastic opportunity to check out some incredible collaborations among local chefs. The five-day festival runs Sept. 20-24. You can join the party at the tent events. You also can be a guest at one of the Gourmet Gatherings, featuring collaborations between some of the best chefs in the city. 

Here is a little taste of the magic that will happen when two — or more — worlds collide in Atlanta kitchens. 

Mexico City Meets the Market with Chefs Santiago Gomez of Palo Santo and Parnass Savang of Talat Market

When: Wednesday, Sept. 20
Where: Palo Santo, 955 West Marietta St. NW 

A Fine Affair with Chefs Aaron Phillips of Lazy Betty and Freddy Money of Atlas

When: Wednesday, Sept. 20
Where: Lazy Betty, 1530 DeKalb Ave. NE 

Western Europe Meets the South: A Global Approach on Local Ingredients with Chefs Jared Hucks of The Alden and Pat Pascarella of The Porchetta Group

When: Friday, Sept. 22 
Where: The Alden, 5070 Peachtree Blvd., Chamblee  

A Delicious Harvest Harmony with Chefs Olivia McCoy of Daily Chew and Jarrett Stieber of Little Bear

When: Friday, Sept. 22 
Where: Daily Chew, 2127 Liddell Drive NE 

Attend one of these events to enjoy a night of storytelling through food with some of Atlanta’s best chefs working together. 

Learn more about the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival and get your tickets.

Born and raised in Mexico, Daniela is a bilingual journalist living in Atlanta. She is passionate about telling stories that highlight the diversity and the blooming gastronomic scene in Atlanta.

Aubree is a content creator with a passion for all things food and travel. You can find her around Atlanta tasting some of the most iconic bites or burning it all off on the dance floor.

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