Jackson Street Bridge

Snap a selfie at Jackson Street Bridge

Jackson Street Bridge skyview
Jackson Street Bridge is THE most exquisite view of the Downtown skyline. 📷: @christopherbw

Years ago, the Jackson Street Bridge was a secret among Atlanta insiders, but the secret got out, and now plenty of visitors and residents know that the Jackson Street Bridge is THE place to go in Atlanta to get the very best view of the Downtown skyline. If you want to document your trip to the ATL, snap a selfie from the bridge. There you will be, with an amazing view of Downtown right behind your smiling face.

Reasons to visit Jackson Street Bridge

  1. It’s close-in, and there isn’t a ton of traffic.
  2. Standing on the bridge, between Cain Street NE and Highland Avenue NE, costs not a penny. Getting the very best picture of the Downtown Atlanta skyline is absolutely free.
  3. The photo will look terrific on your Facebook page.
  4. If you are into photography, it’s a great place to experiment with various techniques.
  5. The spot is known as the “quintessential Atlanta view.”
  6. Jackson Street Bridge features a vantage point of Downtown and is the iconic shot from the first season of “The Walking Dead.”

Insider tips

Know before you go

Where is Jackson Street Bridge located?

Jackson Street Bridge is located between Cain Street NE and Highland Avenue NE at:

Jackson Street NE
Atlanta, Ga. 30312

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