Getting my good side in Centennial Olympic Park. (photos Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund)

Here I am, admiring the big-ticket items at the Buckhead Village District

Falcons (and Celebrity Dachshunds) rise up!

Pups like me love the sights, sounds and, of course, SMELLS of the Atlanta BeltLine.

There's plenty for a four-legged visitor to do in Atlanta.

Dog-Friendly Things To Do in Atlanta

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund here, reporting with a guest post after my dog-friendly tour of Atlanta with the Discover Atlanta team. Now I’d like to share with you some of the best dog-friendly things to do in the city from my firsthand “firstpaw” experience while in Atlanta for my 2015 book tour. And let me start by telling you that I was quite impressed with all the options on things to do with your dog here, from beautiful parks to lovely trails to some pretty unique landmarks.

Updated August 2021: Check out the latest more things to do with pets – even cats.

Piedmont Park and Piedmont Park Dog Park

Piedmont Park is much bigger in real life than on a map, let me tell you that. But what a truly beautiful park it is, with pathways all around, little lakes, rolling grass hills, tall trees and dog parks. On the first day of my visit to Atlanta, I went for a pleasant stroll through the park with Mum and Dad. We found a nice little spot overlooking a lake with the Atlanta city skyline reflecting over the water. Wow, how’s that for a first impression? As we continued on, we found the dedicated dog park where pups can run around in an enclosed area off leash. Now let me tell you, a city is never truly dog-friendly if it doesn’t have separate enclosures for small dogs and big dogs. So I was happy to see that Piedmont Park did have the two, because, between me and you, big dogs scare me a bit.

Neighborhood: Midtown

Centennial Olympic Park

Right downtown is the wide open expanse of Centennial Olympic Park with some cool attractions, including a Ferris wheel and a monument commemorating the birthplace of Coca-Cola. So, of course, this was a natural setting for a #selfie.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Atlanta BeltLine

If you’re looking to go for a nice Sunday stroll, a morning jog, an evening bike ride or just a nice place to walk the dog, the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail is a wonderful paved trail that cuts its way through several neighborhoods and adjoins Piedmont Park with the lower Inman Park. I started at the lower part by Inman Park. There’s so much to see along the way that it makes it a very visually stimulating experience, what with all the sculptures, artistic graffiti, little parks that branch off of it, gardens, historic buildings and more. Along the way, I found a little skateboard park, nice wall paintings, a little butterfly house and, leading into my next locale, Old Fourth Ward Park.

Neighborhood: Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward

Old Fourth Ward Park

There’s a little pathway that branches off of the East BeltLine Trail that will lead you right to this little tucked-away gem. Old Fourth Ward Park features incredibly designed ponds, fountains and waterfalls with a floating walkway that encircles the park. I’m quite happy we decided to come visit.

Neighborhood: Old Fourth Ward Park

Cool Atlanta Landmarks

The Krog Street Tunnel was like something I’d never seen before ― a deep, dark tunnel bridging two neighborhoods with every square inch covered in street art. But don’t get it twisted, this is one entire piece of art. I wanted to be part of it though, so I had to add my touch (a paw print). It was also here that I stumbled across one of Atlanta’s notorious “tiny doors.” Supposedly they’re hard to find, but when they’re at your own eye-level, it’s not so difficult. Another must-see landmark in Atlanta ― especially for anyone into photography, is the Jackson Street Bridge. Here you get a perfect-as-can-be view of the city directly over the highway. Try coming in early morning or evening for cool lighting.

NeighborhoodInman Park/Cabbagetown and Old Fourth Ward

Buckhead Village District

I mentioned the Shops of Buckhead (Buckhead Village District) Atlanta in my previous post while touching on dog-friendly restaurants in Atlanta, but this is also a cool place to bring your pup. Many of these high-end fashion stores allow dogs inside (even if they aren’t celebrities like me). I’m quite the high-ticket item myself, so as a joke I decided to pose in a window display as Mum walked by outside, making her wonder, “Hey, how much is that doggie in the window?”

Neighborhood: Buckhead

Crusoe is an author, guest blogger and renowned Celebrity Dachshund who travels the world seeking adventure, fancy shopping, great street art and an active outdoor lifestyle. 

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