Strange? Yes. Find tiny doors throughout Atlanta. (📷 @tinydoorsatl)

11 Stranger Things to Do in Atlanta

Finished watching the latest season of “Stranger Things?” Need to make sure you are not in the upside down? Well, grab your Eggo waffle and join us as we tour the far-from-normal things to do in the city where this, the hit series, is filmed. Our suggestions range from things to do Downtown to adventures a little ways out. No need to look out for demodogs.

1. Historic Oakland Cemetery

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Known to raise a few spirits, this iconic Atlanta landmark is far from your average cemetery. Elaborate mausoleums and soaring sculptures speak of an age gone by. At Halloween, brave souls tour the cemetery and actually meet some of the “residents.” Hopefully, one of those pollywogs won’t find you.

2. Escape Rooms

escape room.png
(📷, courtesy of Joy Cristina)

You and your friends will be trapped in the perils of a paranormal event. Your team must work together to unravel the mystery in order to discover what caused the dead soul’s awakening. Can you solve the mystery faster than you can watch an episode of “Stranger Things?” Time will tell.

3. David J. Sencer CDC Museum

(📷 CDC Museum)

Learn about diseases that have put humanity in peril and how scientists crack the mysteries of epidemics like Ebola. Much like your favorite characters in the show, there is much more to the (free) CDC Museum than meets the eye. Learn about prevention-based health and the CDC’s legacy and accomplishments through exhibitions and web archives.

4. Tiny Doors ATL

Door10Wview (1).jpg(📷 Tiny Doors ATL)

Go on a quest to find these little-bitty (six inches tall) portals sprinkled throughout Atlanta. Experience a mission as challenging as finding out the origin of Eleven. For clues to finding the Tiny Doors, visit the website.

5. Doll’s Head Trail

No Head Doll

Want to feel as if you’re in the upside down? At Constitution Lakes Park, discarded doll parts and other trash that was scattered around the site have been turned into art. The pieces are dominated by doll heads, but also include bottle creations, collages and decorated chinks of old bricks. This site of an abandoned 19th-century brick factory is home to what surely is the strangest art collection in Atlanta.

6. Waffle House Museum

(📷 Waffle House Museum)

The museum, the site of the very first Waffle House, is definitely a spot where  Eleven would hang out. Check out this one-of-a-kind space where memorabilia from the past 60 years will give you a craving for waffles and so much nostalgia it’ll rival the first season of “Stranger Things.” The museum is open to visitors only by appointment, which should be made at least two months in advance.

7.  Goat Farm Arts Center

(📷 Goats Farm Arts Center)

You are sure to find an out-of-the-mainstream event at the Goat Farm Arts Center. This artists’ haven, with its shows and quirky residents, should be on your radar as a great weekend destination. Fans of the show will wonder why this strange location hasn’t been used as a filming spot for an epic scene in the series. Explore the Goat Farm Arts Center yourself with our video.

8. Iron Pour

(📷 Ed Paradis)

For a light show that’ll have you thinking you’ve stepped into the paranormal, you can’t beat Iron Pour. Yes, intrepid artists really do heat iron until it liquefies then pour it into molds. Head to the Castleberry Hill neighborhood to experience this red-hot adventure.

9. Bellwood Quarry

(📷 Bellwood Quarry)

For one of the actual shoot locations from the show it doesn’t get better than the ominous and awe-inspiring Bellwood Quarry. In the not-too-distant future, a 300-acre green space will surround the quarry. You’ll truly wonder if you’ll see the Mind Flayer whenever it officially opens for visitors, so bring a friend. Heck – bring your whole tabletop gaming group.

10. Rent a bike.

Atlanta-BeltLine -Biker-Tunnel
(📷 James Duckworth,

Enjoy the city while rolling down the street like your favorite character from the show. Renting a bike is a really cool way to explore Atlanta, the city in a forest, and enjoy kid-like adventures along the way. Want to make a day of it? Go try and find some of the shooting locations for the show as they are all throughout Atlanta.

11. Junkman’s Daughter

(📷 Junkman’s Daughter)

No, seriously, you will not find anything like the Junkman’s Daughter anywhere except Little Five Points. Shop for everything from gnarly fashions to radical accessories, unique gifts and housewares from around the world. Find cool collectibles, retro knickknacks and so much more. It’s impossible not to have fun in this only-in-Atlanta shop.

Although Atlanta may not be as strange as Hawkins, Ind., there are quite a few things here to get you off the beaten path while you await the return of the “Stranger Things” gang.

Courtney Bigum is a marketing professional and Atlanta local always looking for new and exciting ways to explore the city. There is never a weekend an adventure doesn’t find her.

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