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How we gather is changing. The need to communicate hasn’t. Now more than ever, you need a partner that’s a trusted leader in creating brand experiences. As we emerge into a new world of event experiences our recommendations and offerings will evolve to stay ahead of the industry. We offer multiple new event solutions that help you create high-quality connections with your audience on your terms, whether that’s virtually, in person or a mix of both.

Active Production and Design

KNOWLEDGE. With more than 25 years under our belt (and counting), Active Production and Design has produced thousands of live, Virtual and Hybrid fundraisers, meetings and events. With exposure to some of the largest events and top names globally, we bring this experience into every endeavor, no matter the size. PRODUCTION TEAM. We realize that your virtual programs are of the highest importance. We will equip you with the most knowledgeable and courteous production staff in the business. With a full-time staff that includes Technical Directors, Producers, Engineers and Creative Services professionals, we have the ability to exceed expectations at every touch point. GEAR We recognize that your virtual programs deserve the best equipment. Not only will we provide you with the most up-to-date technology, but we utilize our own equipment! No need to worry about expensive gear rental up-charges. By using our own gear, we can provide you with the most competitive pricing, without compromising the quality of your programs.

Q&A Events

Don’t let the fact that in-person events are a little smaller than they used to be keep you from communicating your message. Q&A Events will help you to create an engaging hybrid program that will allow you to connect with your audience live and virtually. In addition to executing the in-person elements of your program, we will work with you to determine the best platform and the production needs required to expand your reach to your virtual attendees.

Real Eyes Production Audio Visual

Real Eyes Production is offering an In-Person and Virtual AV Package to support Hybrid Meetings to the ACVB members. Pricing varies depending on attendees and number of rooms needing audiovisual equipment for in person events and total viewers for virtual side.

PRA Atlanta

Virtual meetings are here to stay, and PRA Digital is your complete partner. The desire to GATHER is fundamental to the human experience — and the gathering of people at events is essential for organizations. Whether it be in-person, digital, at home, hub and spoke or any combination in between, PRA Digital guides organizations in bringing people together with strategic content, brand engagement and authentic experiences. And while the power of face-to-face meetings is undeniable, PRA Digital can help bring the impact of the live experience to a digital space. PRA’s strategy of combining best-in-breed technology tools with highly-customized experiences is consistently delivered for all engagements — a single broadcast, immersive virtual program, multi-sensory home experience, or hybrid event. Our consultative, strategic approach ensures that you will get the right platform, production and results to fit your business objectives. Reach out to Digital@PRA.com to get started now.

GSE Audio Visual

Offer custom 3d Virtual Environments or Booths which can be utilized on any virtual event or be hosted directly on a clients website. We also can create custom HTML based platforms and embed & manage streams for a webinar, breakout room or general session

Orchestrated Audio Visual Inc.

Hybrid and virtual events are a cost-effective way to communicate with audience members who can not attend your event in-person. Your event is accessible to viewers from their computers, smart phones, tablets, or televisions for live or on-demand viewing. Hybrid events allow you to share your message by streaming video, audio, visual presentations, and other integrated elements. Some of these elements can include Question & Answer portals, social media, and viewer polling. Engage your audience from hotels, event centers, office buildings, your home or other facilities. OAV is with you every step of the way. From planning to successful implementation, we handle all logistics and technical details. OAV uses the latest technology to help you deliver a branded, digital meeting and event experience. We use a variety of platforms based on the needs of each individual client. We can help design a custom landing page to set the proper tone as well as provide tech support for each presenter. Please contact us for a detailed proposal. We look forward to working with you.


EGG is an event planning agency providing expertise to build and run impactful contents for virtual or hybrid events A team 120 experts all over the world and Atlanta; Creative brand planner; Expert in virtual technologies and event planning

SJL 26Event Productions, LLC

In this new virtual age, we’ve all been in webinars exploring the best platforms to implement meetings, presentations and conferences. The decision of which platform to use will be based on final programming. However, platforms to consider include: Platforms Capacity # of Participants • Livestream/Vimeo/Streamyard Unlimited Based on Zoom Feature • Zoom — Enterprise Version 50,000 1-500 • Hopin 100-1,000 • Blue Jeans 15,000 1-100 Other Platform Choices Include:(Bizaboo) We manage all details involved in your virtual event from registration process to the crucial technology components. We work with the mos experienced vendors to make sure your event goes off without complications. SJL can also assist with event entertainment, which could include a variety of fun gamifications such as scavenger hunts, illusionist, mixologist for receptions and more.


PullSpark offers live, online, and hybrid event production. From messaging and run of show consultation to production equipment and streaming gear – PullSpark handles everything from A to Z. With over a decade of experience in streaming and online events, we are a custom streaming solution led by Creative Producers who will guide you through the entire process. We are able to integrate with several different online event platforms and consult on which platform best fits your event. We care about connecting your audience to your message in the most memorable way possible! Let’s make a memory together!

Scout Local Events and Transportation, DMC

Scout Local provides destination services to compliment your virtual meetings and hybrid meetings. In addition to Covid mitigated live events and transportation we create unique virtual experiences such as team building, chef demos, concerts, various live performances, motivational speakers, exercise programs and breakout session activities. ALL of our proposals are designed to your specific parameters.


Immersive. Interactive. Engaging. Innovative. Virtual experience. Live interactive networking. Exceptional analytics. Branding opportunities. Breakout sessions and Keynote speakers. You have to experience it to believe it.

Hartmann Studios

As a leader in experiential marketing solutions, we solve business challenges regardless of the environment, with expertise in creative development, communications, technical production, audience engagement, brand messaging and storytelling. Since 1984, Hartmann Studios has specialized in designing and producing world-class events that get people talking. Sharing. Engaging. Our company is an extension of the clients and brands we serve, from global Fortune 500 to key small business organizations. Our in-house team of creative and technical experts draws from past lives in architecture, rock ‘n roll, creative strategy, production design, and multimedia development to flip traditional experiential production on its head. We inspire and excite, elevate and reimagine our client’s brands and experiences. From virtual events to virtually impossible, Hartmann Studios delivers.

Elevate Experiences

Meetings & events should be enjoyable for your audience and your team. We companies plan and produce meetings and events that their audience loves. – Meeting Planning – Meeting Production – Team-Building

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