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Where to Shop Hip-Hop Merch in Atlanta

Atlanta has been hip-hop’s center of gravity for years. And, hip-hop has become central to Atlanta in return. Make hip-hop part of your everyday aesthetic with a shopping journey that will change your style forever.  

Hip-Hop Fashion

Let your sneakers do the talking. (Photo courtesy of HeetFaYaFeet)

When did hip-hop fall in love with fashion? In Atlanta, it could be argued, it began with sneakers. 

Walter’s is the famous sneaker shop seen in the video for “Welcome to Atlanta” by Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris. A pillar of the community since 1952, the store is mentioned in numerous songs, and shoppers still delight in “hot red” Filas, Vans and Converse. 

In Little Five Points, Wish is situated across the street from The Outer Space Project’s OutKast mural. The store caters to urban style elite with sought-after releases like Adidas by Stella McCartney, Puma x June Ambrose and Jacquemus x NIKE. 

Collectors know Atlanta regularly hosts sneaker conventions. Keep an eye out for local entrepreneur Jarrian Smith of Heetfayafeet. A specialty reseller, the outfit offers unique finds like the coveted NIKE SB x Jarritos. 

The name says it all at Luxury Box ATL, located next to Dior in Buckhead Village. The sneakers here are investments – from four-figure NIKE Air Jordans to Rick Owens and luxury brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

More sneaker stores by neighborhood

If you feel like a drive, head to The Mall of Georgia and check out Sneaker Doodle. The retailer offers shoe customization and workshops where customers can design and paint their own shoes. Bring your own shoes or choose a pair at the store.

Hip-Hop Home Goods 

Shop for a range of hip-hop items at Museum of Design Atlanta’s gift shop. The museum celebrates the 50th anniversary of hip-hop with a new course, “ATL hip-hop Innovators,” that examines hip-hop through the lens of design and innovation.


Freshen up the bookshelf with “Hip-Hop Architecture,” by Sekou Cooke, which examines urban environments and buildings that embody the creative energy of hip-hop.There’s also “O is for Old School” and other children’s books. 


Brighten the walls with a Visual Compendium of Sneakers, Taxonomy of Rap Names or the Atlanta Rap Map – a colorful visualization of the city that shows all the places in Atlanta mentioned in rap music. 


Sprinkle homages to hip-hop throughout your space with a model turntable kit, an all-white sneaker candle or teacups boldly emblazoned with “hip-hop.” 

Hip-Hop Artwork

Explore the Museum of Design for Hip Hop treasures. (Photo courtesy of Museum of Design)

Graffiti is one of the original elements of hip-hop. And, ABV Gallery was founded by Atlanta-based artist Greg Mike who got his start in the highly stylized craft. In 2023, the contemporary art space will move to a new home in East Atlanta Village. Find a range of prints priced at less than $100 and original artworks by artists, such as:


His on-point lettering became part of the epic #jifrapchallenge when he tagged individual jars of peanut butter for the “Mumble Rap Starter Kits.”


Growing up on graffiti and cartoons of the ‘80s and ‘90s, his work features bold patterns and cheeky characters that can be seen all around Atlanta.

Dr. Dax

A street artist who spreads messages of community and love was once a video producer for the Dungeon Family, the collective that birthed OutKast. 

Cat Eye Creative

Cat Eye Creative is one of Atlanta’s premier galleries and creative spaces where all are welcome. (Photo courtesy of Cat Eye Creative)

Cat Eye Creative is in the art enclave of Castleberry Hill. The gallery regularly shows graffiti that pushes the boundaries of art and inspires the next generation of artists. 

“Graffiti is an essential art form,” says Adam Crawford, founder of Cat Eye Creative. “It’s passion-driven – people risking their freedom to create a piece of art for the public.”

Find art for sale by Atlanta’s own Vayne, whose graffiti is well-known but whose identity is a secret well-kept. While his pieces can sell for thousands of dollars indoors, outdoors they are free, iconic and sometimes illegal. 

Trap Music Museum

The Trap Music Museum is a true Hip Hop experience. (Photo courtesy of Trap Music Museum)

The Trap Music Museum has contemporary art displayed throughout (much of which is available for purchase). One such work is DL Warfield’s “We Did It for Trap Music,” which puzzles together mug shots of T.I. and other big names. It is a commentary on the circumstances faced by these musicians. Warfield is well known as a fine artist and the art director behind the legendary OutKast album covers for “Aquemini” and “ATLiens.”

Shopping Sidebars

Make a day of shopping at the Outlet Shoppes in Atlanta, located on the north side of the city’s I-285 perimeter. There are nearly 100 name brand stores including Adidas, NIKE and Converse.

Atlanta Fashion Week

Underground Atlanta hosts Atlanta Fashion Week Oct. 5-8. Celebrate innovation and creativity through live performances as well as runway shows and pop-up shops that feature local designers.

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