Take a Bite of Atlanta’s Most Famous Dishes

These local favorite foods scream “Atlanta!”

Every city is associated with certain foods, and Atlanta is no different. Fried chicken rates high on the list of good eats always linked to Atlanta, along with other classic Southern staples. And know that Kansas City and the state of Texas have nothing over Atlanta when it comes to barbecue. Hmm, what Atlanta-centric food makes your mouth water? 

Fried Chicken

One of the best Atlanta restaurants for fried chicken comes with a whole lotta history. Paschal’s was the place for leaders to meet (possibly over a plate of fried chicken) during the civil rights movement to hash out details of the day and make plans for keeping Atlanta peaceful during those not-at-all peaceful times. 


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Fried pies and naked dogs

Pull into The Varsity (The V, as Atlantans fondly call it) and tell the car hop you’d like a naked dog walkin’ (plain hot dog to go), an FO (frosted orange shake) and a fried pie. Be sure to ask for a Varsity hat.   

Sweet tea

You can’t go wrong at Mary’s Mac’s Tea Room for a glass of sweet iced tea along with a plate of Southern cookin’. We’re talking fried chicken, pot likker with cracklin’ cornbread, fried green tomatoes and Brunswick stew. Take home a dozen cinnamon rolls and a peach cobbler.  

Meat and three

Two of Atlanta’s best spots for a meat-and-three meal are the Busy Bee Cafe and the Colonnade. Busy Bee calls itself Atlanta’s Soul Food Kitchen, and we agree. The Colonnade has been an Atlanta tradition since 1927. Get your comfort food at either place, and don’t pass up the fried okra.

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