Civil Rights Legacy

Explore Atlanta’s role in the Civil Rights movement

In the early 1960s, Atlanta became the cultural catalyst for the civil rights movement. While civil rights efforts predate the city’s involvement, activists quickly found their spiritual center within Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn district, making it home to much of civil rights history. Segregation, perseverance and achievement lead to affluent African-Americans building businesses and homes on Auburn Avenue, once dubbed as the “richest Negro street in the world.” Others moved to Cascade Heights, literally breaking down walls to become one of the city’s richest neighborhoods for blacks. 

As you explore Atlanta’s civil rights legacy and journey, you’ll see the history, growth and development of those areas near Cascade and throughout Southwest Atlanta to Sweet Auburn through the Eastside beyond John Lewis Freedom Parkway — everything from the beauty of Cascade Springs and southern tastes at staples like The Beautiful and to the arts and monuments to mark moments in time.

Find historic sites and landmarksmuseums, influential African-American churches, historically black colleges and universities, as well as annual events and things to do during the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and Black History Month that commemorate the achievements of African-Americans throughout history.

Explore our site and our city’s notable past for an in-depth look at the effects of rarely-mentioned revolutionaries who were catalysts in the civil rights movement. Atlanta is also the only city in the nation where you can view two Nobel Peace Prizes – one located in the King Center and the other in the Carter Center

The city of Atlanta is the embodiment of Southern hospitality, sophistication and progress. Atlanta’s progressive character combined with its civil rights legacy creates a city determined to honor the past as it builds the future. 

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