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Atlanta is a city unlike any other. It vibrates with relentless energy and creativity, putting itself on the map as a hotbed of ideas and culture across a backdrop of rich history that extends back nearly 200 years. Its people are proud, diverse, and driven to forge their own path, in their own way.

Sharing all that Atlanta represents is a sizeable task, and this website’s new look and feel is, we believe, a step in that direction. We incorporated rich stories written by Atlantans because the best way to understand the character of a city is to hear from those who know it best. Each page displays images that inspire and showcase the beauty of the city and its people.

We consciously wove in stories from historically underrepresented communities throughout the website because we believe that representing all of Atlanta’s different and beautiful voices is the only way to effectively communicate that Atlanta is welcoming to all. We remain committed to authenticity and diversity in all of our efforts.

In addition to this refresh of both words and presentation, we are excited to bring new technologies to the site to help you, the Atlanta visitor, see information and content that you want to visit. With the incorporation of underlying technologies such as linguistics and content processing, we can put more of what you came here to see in front of you to help you continue your journey around what we believe is the best city in the world.

Welcome to Atlanta.

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