Once you're dialed in at the iconic Red Phone Booth, this is what awaits. (📷 Red Phone Booth)

Good times are had by all at these cocktail hot spots.

Atlanta's speakeasies and hidden bars are out there. Do you know where to look? (📷 James Duckworth,

The Coolest Hidden Bars of Atlanta

Bars aren’t just bars anymore. We want an experience and an atmosphere that make it worth interrupting our Netflix binge. The good news is that we’ve done the research and found the best low-key bars worth the price in the city. So grab a friend and try your luck at gaining access to these hidden gems around Atlanta. Warning: Some are more challenging to get into than others, so have a backup plan.

  1. Red Phone Booth. You’ll have to find and dial from a literal phone booth (remember those?) for this Downtown Atlanta bar. Once you’ve done that, you are in for a cozy night lounging on leather couches and getting warm by the fireplace in this luxurious speakeasy. With fresh ingredients (seriously fresh), rare flavorings and even rarer liquors, the cocktails are a definite highlight. Kick it up a notch and visit the “mob-style” kitchen, which you can rent for private poker and pool games. You also can’t miss out on the Neapolitan pizza or desserts that will have you saying, “BADABING!”

    What’s the deal? You’ll need to find a member who knows the phone number. The rumor is that bartenders at neighboring establishments will tip you off to the number in return for handsome tips. 

  2. GA Chapter Room. Nestled on the side of Taco Mac’s Sandy Springs, find an amazing array of brews, wines and cocktails, even a secret stash of 750 ml brews that start around $20. There also is a completely separate bill-of-fare for patrons. Beer-brined wings, flatbread, truffle fries and knockwurst are on the top of your must-eat list here. 

    What’s the deal? Walk down the right side of Taco Mac, look for the plaque of a monkey. Knock, to enter one of Atlanta’s coolest hidden bar experiences.

  3. Edgewood SpeakEasy. This smaller bar in Atlanta’s Eastside on Edgewood Avenue isn’t lacking where it counts – amazing drinks and the best DJs in town. The in-house mixologist will create signature drinks such as Trick Pony, Gin Again and any other concoction you can come up with. Note: When you use the restroom you’d better pay attention because when you return to the bar the door is a bookcase instead of a door.

    Whats the deal? The book “Deliver Us From Evil” is actually a door handle. Swing it open and you’re in the dark and sultry secret spot.

  4. Brigantine Beer Parlor and Recreation Hall. When you venture to East Atlanta Village you know you are in for an experience. This place is a blast. It’s a convergence of local bar denizens, after-hours business folk, travelers and soccer fans. What sets this place apart are events ranging from Argo-Skee, date night comedy shows, weekly all-vinyl DJ parties and much more. So check out the schedule of events before you go.

    What’s the deal? Beeline it through Argosy, (attached restaurant) and head straight to the back after 8 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday only.

  5. Supply & Demand. Just behind Churchill’s in Buckhead, this is a great place to be on Thursday nights when members and folks who are privy to its location come through to mingle and dance. The concept is Wall Street greed, and the high-end spirits – including rare vintages of Japanese whiskey, Scotch, bourbon and cocktails are well worth the investment. There are even group cocktails that rate an “initial offering” of $100 and can treat up to eight folks – if you’re feeling bullish.

    What’s the deal? Look for a private wood porch; it leads to an unmarked door. You don’t have to be a member, but members do get special privileges. While membership is free, it requires an invitation.

So there you have it – some of the best hidden bar experiences in Atlanta. None of these are enticing you? Check out these top Atlanta bars.

Courtney Bigum is a marketing professional and Atlanta local always looking for new and exciting ways to explore the city. There is never a weekend an adventure doesn’t find her.

Courtney Bigum is a marketing professional and Atlanta local always looking for new and exciting ways to explore the city. There is never a weekend an adventure doesn’t find her.

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