The Latest and Greatest Restaurants in Atlanta

Come see why these eateries have been getting so much buzz

There are always good things coming in a city like Atlanta. It seems like every day a new restaurant is opening up and serving its unique take on our regional favorites or bringing us traditional dishes from far away countries. Here are some new kids on the block you won’t want to miss.

Botanico Kitchen & Bar

Bringing traditional Mexican cooking paired with innovative new techniques, Botanico brings tropical and refreshing flavors from the Puebla and Oaxaca regions of Mexico to Bucktown. Chow down on ceviche tostados and costras de asada — marinated sirloin steak wrapped in a cheese shell—in the restaurant’s greenhouse-like space with a living plant wall on the year-round patio.


This vegan fusion food truck is for all of us sometimeatarians — those of us who want to be conscious of our health, but sometimes it’s just too hard to resist the temptation of something genuinely bad for you. That’s where Chef Key comes into the equation, using her 12 years of culinary experience to create menus based on what’s available from local farmers to make wonderfully flavorful foods for the skeptics who say they could never go vegan.

Snackboxe Bistro

Serving up Lao street food to the hungry foodies of ATL, Snackbox Bistro is more than just sticky rice. After a trip to Laos, owners Vanh and Thip were inspired to bring their passion for Lao culture and food to life. The Atlanta couple began creating menus and brainstorming new recipes and techniques, and have now opened their restaurant to introduce the community near and far to the international cuisine people have been missing: Lao food!


A totally different restaurant concept, Gunshow is definitely something to see to believe. Here, you won’t sit down and get a menu handed to you while a waiter gets your drink order; that’s too old-fashioned. Instead, the chefs walk around the dining room — which really is more of an extension of the kitchen—presenting the small plates they’ve prepared to diners who can pick and choose what they’d like. You’ll never have the same experience twice here!


Specializing in handmade pasta dishes made with seasonality in mind, BoccaLupo is a bustling must taste in Inman Park. Chef Bruce Logue brings his years of culinary experience and knowledge gained while working under chef Mario Batali to making elevated modern Italian-American cooking to his casual eatery. Find dishes to soothe your soul like extra-wide pappardelle with Bolognese gravy that’s been simmered for four hours.

O4W Pizza

Chef Anthony Spina doesn’t cut corners in his pizza place. Growing up in New Jersey, Anthony learned the pizza business by making it side-by-side with his uncle. Anthony believes that simplicity yields the most delicious results, and his restaurant is no different. You won’t find fancy toppings or gimmicks to get you in the door — the mouthwatering pizza does all the talking here. We recommend ordering one of the square grandma pizzas that made O4W Pizza famous.

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