Atlanta’s Music Artists Find Inspiration and Harmony in Atlanta

From its cloud-piercing skyline to the infectious energy resonating through Atlanta’s streets, each corner of the city brims with inspiration for artists like Ashilee Ashilee. Igniting the spark behind hits in hip-hop, rock, country, and more, the city invites artists of all backgrounds and genres to tell their own unique stories. Join Ashilee’s musical journey and discover how her harmonious duet with Atlanta has played a pivotal role in the composition of her most masterful pieces. 

Meet Ashilee Ashilee – A Champion of Atlanta’s Creative Scene

Ashilee Ashilee in the studio.

Dive into Atlanta’s artistic community with Ashilee Ashilee, a multi-talented artist who chose to make this city her home. See why this multi-instrumentalist, music producer, audio engineer, and award-winning film composer moved her unparalleled passion for music and versatile skills more than 700 miles to be a part of Atlanta’s thriving creative scene. 

A Maestro of Many Instruments  

The viola is one of the instruments that Ashilee masters and incorporates into her music.

Atlanta is a natural choice for artists like Ashilee, especially musicians. Home to a rich musical heritage and thriving industry, the city is known as a conducive environment for creativity and collaboration. With the ability to play more than ten different instruments, Ashilee turned down enticing job offers, like the chance to join the prestigious German Symphony Orchestra, to create her own music in Atlanta. 

From Detroit to Atlanta: A Transformative Journey

Ashilee Ashilee shares a day in the life of a musician.

Originally from Detroit, Ashilee made the life-changing decision to move to Atlanta after college. Drawn by the city’s renowned production studios, she sought to immerse herself in Atlanta’s film industry. Once exposed to the city’s extensive network, her talent for film scoring and audio production quickly paid off, leading to multiple film placements and a growing collection of awards.

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