Living Walls

Street art and urbanism in Atlanta

The mission of Living Walls (WOW! This art is eye-popping.) is to promote, educate and change perceptions about public spaces via, yes, street art. The results are brightly colored, wall-size works of art that just really make you smile.

Reasons to visit the Living Walls

  1. Living Walls encourages all of us to appreciate the beauty that art can bring–even if it’s not hanging in a museum.
  2. The Living Walls Conference has expanded into yearlong programming with “Concepts.” Each Concept focuses on one or two artists at a time and lasts one to three weeks to allow artists to immerse themselves within the neighborhoods.
  3. The conference started out as a way to highlight problems facing the city and ended up building a platform for dialogue.
  4. The street art of Living Walls brightens up otherwise dull and ugly portions of the city.
  5. Chasing street art takes you to places in Atlanta you might not otherwise find. 

Insider tips

Know before you go

Where can I find the murals and walls?

The murals can be found around the city, visit the Living Walls website to see some of this fabulous art.

What is the contact information of Living Walls?

115 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW, Suite 304
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

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