Film Studios in and around Atlanta

Atlanta is a powerhouse in the film industry — a significant part of the 4 million square feet of stage space available across Georgia. Notable studios and filmmakers, both independent and established, have flocked to make the this city their home. With the blend of diverse landscapes, professional facilities and skilled talent, Atlanta and its surrounding area continue to be top of list when it comes to the production of film not just in the South, but also in the world. Here’s a look at film studios in Atlanta.

Assembly Studios Atlanta

Assembly Studios brings visions to life. (Photo Courtesy of Assembly Studios)

As one of the city’s newest and most expansive studio complexes, Assembly Studios is a hub for innovation and creativity. Owned by Gray Television, the studio lot features everything a production needs in one place — superior infrastructure with unparalleled service.

Athena Studios

Find purpose-built sound stages at Athena Studios. (Photo courtesy of Athena Studios)

This new lot is filled with more than 84,000 square feet of sound stages. From tent-pole franchises (franchises that are expected to be successful and therefore able to support related products and movies) to independent films, this film studio is equipped to handle both big and small productions. As of March 2024, Athena studios was already welcoming its first major studio production shoot.

Cam Kirk Studios

As a creative home to notable talent in Atlanta, Cam Kirk Studios provides studio space for both commercial photography and video. Many celebrities have walked through the studio doors to either be interviewed or photographed by Cam Kirk himself. Creatives new to the industry can even take one of the free workshops frequently held at the space.

Cam Kirk and his studio space provide the perfect platform for creative visionaries. (Photo by Andrew Clark)

CoCo Studios

Many filmmakers have brought their creative visions to life at this production studio. From being the backdrop of popular reality TV show scenes including “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Married to Medicine” to being the set of popular music videos from artists like Young Thug and Birdman, this creative space is a dream for many.

Cinelease Studios — Conyers

Cinelease Studios claims the largest green screen stage in the Atlanta area. (Photo courtesy of Cinelease Studios)

Located just 40 minutes from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Cinelease Studios Conyers has been a go-to for large-scale productions. This Conyers studio offers four new stages and has the largest green screen stage in the Atlanta area.

Cinelease Studios — Decatur

Bring your vision to life at Cinelease Studios. (Photo courtesy of Cinelease Studios)

Just 25 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Cinelease Studios in Decatur offers one sound stage perfect for medium-sized productions or those looking to build their vision on location.

Cinelease Studios — Three Ring

Cinelease Studios in Covington is accessible to popular exterior shooting locations. (Photo courtesy of Cinelease Studios)

Just a short ride away from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Cinelease Studios — Three Ring in Covington is a media campus with an entertainment services branch, a grip and lighting warehouse on site and easy access to a variety of popular exterior shooting locations.

C&C Movie Film Studios

Bring your story to life at C&C Movie Film Studios. (Photo courtesy of C & C Movie Film Studios)

As the location for notable music videos and independent films, C & C Movie Film Studios is a multimedia production facility that brings affordable space to the film community while still delivering top-notch quality. This space offers a variety of sets including a hospital room, jails and classrooms as well as the option to customize a set.

Electric Owl Studios

Electric Owl Studios is known for having space for large commercial shoots. Productions filmed here also achieve sustainability goals with Electric Owl’s LEED Gold certification. Electric Owl’s weekly series, Waste Less Wednesday, presents short films that educate followers on reducing waste.

Mann Robinson Studios

Founded by director Mann Robinson, this production studio has been an environment for creatives to learn, perform and perfect their production capabilities. Mann Robinson credits include productions that have been featured on streaming services including Amazon Prime, Bet+, Roku and more.

PAM Studios

PAM Studios is woman-owned and works with the media company Latin America Heritage to provide opportunities for females and minority groups. This studio has been home to independent films and a documentary that featured the iconic hip-hop duo Nappy Roots.

Shadowbox Studios

This state-of-the-art independent studio platform spans 100 acres. Having been home to many blockbuster features including “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” and “Jumanji: The Next Level,” this studio adds to the continued success Atlanta has built within the film industry. 

Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry, the actor and filmmaker, acquired this 330-acre lot in 2015 and has since produced hundreds of notable films and TV shows. Films shot at this studio can be viewed across platforms including BET, Netflix, MAX and more.

Tyler Studios

Not to be confused with Tyler Perry Studios, Tyler Studios is another studio that offers space for those looking to film TV pilots, produce streaming content and more. If you’re an actor or talent looking to add a credit or two to your resume you can follow the Tyler Studios’ social media pages to learn about frequent casting calls. 

Trilith Studios

Set on nearly 1,000 acres this film studio is used for movies, content producing, workshops and more. Some popular productions filmed here include “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

West End Production Park

The historic Westend is home to West End Production Park. Famous productions including “Spiderman Homecoming,” “Die Hart” and the series “Ozark” are just a few that have made West End Production Park a go-to production studio.

Film studios aren’t the only places in Atlanta where famous films have been produced. Check out these Top Filming Locations in Atlanta to see where more popular movies and TV series have been filmed.

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