Kid-Friendly Restaurants from the MICHELIN Guide Atlanta 

Having a MICHELIN Restaurant experience should not be left only for mom and dad to enjoy. In Atlanta, the diversity of MICHELIN-rated restaurants makes room for the young ones to also have a place at the table to enjoy culinary delights alongside their parents. 

Here are some recommendations to explore Atlanta’s world-recognized culinary scene with the young food enthusiasts in the family. Refine your palate and discover new worlds through food with the entire family at these restaurants from the MICHELIN Guide Atlanta. 

Familiar Flavors, New Experiences 


Whether you want a delicious start to your day with pastries, coffee and some breakfast staples in a laid-back environment, or you want to take your little ones to a nice dinner with handmade pasta, sustainably grown vegetables and an incomparable list of wines for mom and dad, THE CHASTAIN in Buckhead is a perfect choice. For some families, a stop by THE CHASTAIN on a Saturday morning, or for brunch, is part of their routine. 

The General Muir

If breakfast and brunch are your thing, The General Muir is also a great choice. Choose from the great selection of bagels, or ask for the special offerings for kids. Make sure you leave room for the iconic cheesecake. 

Home Grown

Speaking of breakfast, don’t miss out on the all-day breakfast menu at Home Grown. The menu will never disappoint with unexpected offerings, so don’t forget to ask for the daily specials. Regardless of what phase your kid is going through, you’ll be sure to find their next favorite thing in the ever-changing country menu. 


For the kids who love seafood, Fishmonger is for you. Grab a seat at the communal table, or get your own at this part fish market, part casual restaurant where the star of the show is the seafood. Peeling and eating fresh shrimp is always a good way to keep the young ones entertained. 

Twisted Soul Cookhouse and The Busy Bee

Warm up the soul with some Southern flavors at Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours on the Westside or The Busy Bee in Downtown. Kids can enjoy flavors that come with history and heritage in the South, through recipes created with heart by chef Deborah Van Trece and chef Tracey Gates.  

The White Bull, Storico Fresco Alimentari and The Deer & The Dove

Have a nice family dinner, giving kids a MICHELIN-recommended restaurant experience where they can partake and find something they love in one of the dishes on the menu. What kid doesn’t like pasta? The menu at The White Bull and Storico Fresco Alimentari will elevate their standards for pasta, while Poor Hendrix and The Deer & The Dove will offer some great protein dishes. 

Messy Eating Allowed

When silverware is optional and messy fingers are a form of praise to the chef, kids can freely enjoy their MICHELIN experience and parents can forget all about the use of napkins. 

Bomb Biscuit Co. and Fred’s Meat & Bread

Feel at home at Bomb Biscuit Co. where you can bury your teeth into one of their popular biscuits, or get your hands dirty with a delicious sandwich at Fred’s Meat & Bread. Don’t pass on the fries, and if you are down for the trip, choose one of the barbecue options. 

Heirloom Market BBQ

Speaking of barbecue, get your hands dirty at Heirloom Market BBQ where Korean and Southern flavors have collided to make a fusion that your taste buds won’t forget. Place your order and take it home to enjoy, or stay and hang out at their spacious patio. They will want easy access to the tasty pulled pork, tender brisket and all the sauces. 

Antico Piza Napoletana

You can never go wrong with pizza, and Antico Pizza Napoletana takes the experience to another level. Order and grab a seat at any of the communal tables in the kitchen. See how they make the pizza, grab your favorite condiments and don’t even worry about messy eating and loud laughs. It is definitely a safe space for kids to be kids. 

Flavors From Around the World 

Let the MICHELIN Guide Atlanta take you on a trip around the world with the young ones in the family. Make a trip to a new continent through flavors, recipes and traditions. Here are some restaurants for young food enthusiasts to fall in love: 

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Born and raised in Mexico, Daniela is a bilingual journalist living in Atlanta. She is passionate about telling stories that highlight the diversity and the blooming gastronomic scene in Atlanta.

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