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Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants Around Atlanta

There’s nothing wrong with frozen chicken nuggets and boxed pasta. In fact, as parents, we know that many times that’s the battle we have to lose. However, it’s always nice to find dining options that offer dishes for kids that they enjoy and that can even help expand their palate. We also want an environment where we don’t have to watch their every move, terrified that the tomato sauce hits the white linen tablecloth. Let’s sit back, and enjoy a meal with our little food enthusiasts at some of Atlanta’s favorite kid-friendly restaurants. 

Antico Pizza 

It’s not just pizza. It’s an Italian delight with imported ingredients that elevate the experience. Don’t let the MICHELIN Guide status deceive you. This is a kid-friendly restaurant where you order your pizza from a small menu, head over to the “kitchen,” find a seat at a communal table where kids can watch the pizzas being made and let kids go at it. Hand-eating, greasy fingers, sauce mustaches are not only welcomed, but expected. 

Where: 1093 Hemphill Ave. NW

Bantam + Biddy 

Brunch is always a good idea at Bantam + Biddy. (Photo by Liesl Merkel)

Brunch away at this casual family-friendly restaurant. The menu offers great choices for those who dig the pancakes and waffles, or for those who seek more the savory side. Make sure to try the iconic chicken, whether you get it fried, roasted or in a stew. 

Where: 1544 Piedmont Ave.


Kids have a variety of options at Bartaco. (Photo by Daniela Cintron)

Come to one of three Atlanta Bartaco locations for authentic, fresh and delicious options for the whole family. Have a kid who can’t decide on an entree? Order the Kids’ Tray which includes a quesadilla, choice of taco, corn wheels and fruit skewer.

Where: 969 Marietta St. NW; 299 North Highland Ave. NE; and 3802 Roswell Road NE

Chicheria Mexican Kitchen 

Located at The Works on the Westside, Chicheria offers great options for kids. The rice, a kid favorite, is accompanied by refried beans. The friendly staff does a fantastic job at treating kids like any other guest, making them feel heard and welcomed. 

Where: 202 Chattahoochee Row NW

El Ponce 

Yes, most Mexican restaurants offer the rice, beans and quesadilla staples, but they don’t all taste the same. At El Ponce, the food is made with a love that you can taste. Grab a patio table on a sunny day, and let the kids try some favorites like the sopa de pollo, the carne asada, or let them venture out to a tamal. Those are some of my kid’s favorites, and, honestly, mine, too. 

Where: 939 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE,

El Tesoro 

The rice and beans side at El Tesoro is a fan favorite. (Photo by Daniela Cintron)

Do you wish there was a restaurant with an area for kids to safely play while offering amazing Mexican food and cold margaritas? You found it. El Tesoro feels like walking into a friend’s backyard party. Order, sit down and let your kid play with others as if technology did not exist. Tablets are a thing of the past as they get their hands dirty on the dirt and gravel, climb the big tree and negotiate among each other a game of 4 in a Row. The menu has endless options for adventurous kids and a niños quesadilla, which is a solid choice for picky eaters. 

Where: 1374 Arkwright Place SE


Pasta will never be the same after your kids try the hand-crafted pasta at Grana. Chef Pat Pascarella has young kids of his own who are probably his biggest critics, and they are doing a great job. Making pasta the same way he grew up eating it in an Italian family, Pascarella elevates the experience and creates the future pasta snobs of our society. We are OK with that. Eat up. 

Where: 1835 Piedmont Ave. NE 

Hartley Kitchen 

Located inside Kimpton Shane Hotel in Midtown, Hartley Kitchen offers chef-inspired menu options for kids. Chef de cuisine Travis Cintron has a 5-year-old at home, so he takes things seriously when it comes to offering fresh and delicious food options kids will enjoy. From chicken to freshly made pasta and vegetables, even parents will want to steal a bite or two. 

Where: 1340 W Peachtree St. NW

Little Rey 

The pollo asado at Little Rey is a hit with kids. (Photo by Daniella Lea Rada)

Afternoons after school at Little Rey are full of families with kids and people of all ages. It’s a laid-back environment for kids and adults to enjoy some incredible Tex-Mex favorites. Get in line, order and then find a table. They’ll bring the food to you. Little Rey is known for its chicken, so go for the pollo asado, or get it in a taco or a salad. Kids have a special menu with tasty options, but the main menu also offers plenty of options that they might want to try. Leave room for the soft-serve ice cream. You order it along with your food and you get a token. After kids eat, they can cash in that token at the window for their sweet treat. 

Where: 1878 Piedmont Ave. NE

Mellow Mushroom 

Pizzas at home-grown Mellow Mushroom won’t disappoint. (Photo courtesy of Mellow Mushroom)

An Atlanta OG, Mellow Mushroom has been serving stone-fired pizzas in Atlanta since 1974. Yes, you will find them in other cities, but Atlanta is where it all started, so it holds a special place in the hearts of locals. Pick from the many pizza options or choose the wings, which are, hands down, some of the best in the city. 

Where: 1770 Peachtree St. NW; 1679 La Vista Road NE; 931 Monroe Drive NE; 400 West Peachtree St.; 340 West Ponce de Leon Ave.

Pancake Social 

Take a break from pancake-chef-duty on Saturday morning and head over to Pancake Social. While the Ponce City Market location tends to have a wait time, the newly opened location at Westside Paper tends to be easier to get into when you are on borrowed time with your kid’s patience. Of course, there are pancakes — lots of them. But your kids also have choices like scrambled eggs, bacon and the tasty crispy buttermilk chicken. Get the day started right with yummy options that might score you some points. 

Where: 675 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE and 950 West Marietta St. NW

Pollo Primo 

Order a California-style pollo asado and share it family-style with your kids. Get some of the kid-favorite sides, such as rice, beans and chips with guacamole. Everyone can make his or her own tacos and the experience will involve everyone in the family in a casual environment. Leave some room for the must-try churros. 

Where: 792 Moreland Ave. SE

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill 

Kids love the playful atmosphere at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill. (Photo by Lauren Dismuke Rushing)

Will your kids get excited about greeting birds before grabbing food? If the answer is yes, then this is the place for you. With a diverse menu full of options for all appetites, R. Thomas Deluxe Grill is sure to please everyone in your party. There are kid-friendly size dishes, smoothies and plenty of things, such as talking birds, to keep them distracted. 

Where: 1812 Peachtree St. NE


From picky eaters, to foodies, make your bowl by adding your favorites at Recess. (Photo by Daniela Cintron)

This is such a perfect way to get protein, carbs and fiber into a little one’s meal in such a delicious and convenient way. Recess offers a kid’s bowl with the option to create your own based on what your kid likes. Choose from options like Spanish rice, black beans, sweet potato, broccoli and chicken. The chorizo is a fan favorite, so maybe this is the place where your kid ventures out. Grab and go, or stay to enjoy the indoor and outdoor seating. If you park on the lot immediately next to it, your ticket is validated. 

Where: 3150 Roswell Road NW 

El Santo Gallo 

Tacos at El Santo Gallo are always a hit. (Photo by Daniela Cintron)

In a relaxing environment, order some tacos for the family and find a seat inside to play a maquinita while you wait, or find a seat outside to enjoy the sun while kids safely play within your sight. Kids will love the tortillas, as they are made from quality imported nixtamalized corn. The tender carne asada is perfectly seasoned. As a plus, kids get to see a real taquero in action, cutting up the meat and making lots of tacos at once. It’s keeps them entertained and introduces them to Mexican culture. 

Where: 950 West Marietta St. NW

Souper Jenny 

Souper Jenny has a lot of delightful options that always make the whole family feel warm and cozy, even on a summer day. The PB&J here is special, but you can always make a little belly happy with the turkey chili, a turkey sandwich and fresh fruit. For a little treat, get the chocolate cookie. There are various locations, but the one on Huff Road is a favorite for kids due to it’s fun patio. 

Where: 1082 Huff Road NW 


Sunday brunch with kids is done right at Superica. I am guilty of having ordered the kid’s quesadilla for myself because it is so good. With deliciously seasoned pulled chicken inside, the quesadilla — which is easily bigger than my daughter’s face — comes with a side of the iconic rice and beans.

Where: 930 Howell Mill Road; 3850 Roswell Road NE; and 99 Krog St. NE

Treehouse Restaurant and Pub 

The Treehouse Restaurant and Pub is a fun and eclectic place to enjoy a meal with kids. No pressure if your kids want to eat with their hands. There are plenty of tasty options. 

Where: 7 Kings Circle NE

Food Halls 

Citizens Market in Buckhead has great options for kids. (Photo courtesy of Citizens Market)

When you have to please more than one kid, head over to one of Atlanta’s food halls. Located all throughout Atlanta, you are sure to find one to please an about-to-be hangry kid, and then find something fun to do nearby. 


Believe it or not, breweries are where it is at. Kids love the space and games, and parents love the ability to socialize with other friends and family while sipping a cold one. Some breweries have food trucks, others have an in-house menu. If you are looking for a meet-up place with other friends, breweries are a great choice. Check out our list of breweries and find a new one to explore. 

MICHELIN Guide Restaurants 

There are delightful and sustainable options for all ages at THE CHASTAIN. (Photo by Daniela Cintron)

Treat yourself and your young food enthusiasts to a delicious meal at one of Atlanta’s MICHELIN Guide Restaurants. There are plenty of options for a laid-back messy meal, or a chance to dress up and take dining to a new level. Check out our list of MICHELIN Guide kid-friendly restaurants

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Born and raised in Mexico, Daniela is a bilingual journalist living in Atlanta. She is passionate about telling stories that highlight the diversity and the blooming gastronomic scene in Atlanta.

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