Atlanta United FC

Fall in love with the Five Stripes

Atlanta United FC is Atlanta’s Major League Soccer club. Attend an exciting match at Mercedes-Benz Stadium anytime during the season from early March to late October.  

Reasons to catch an Atlanta United FC game

  1. Atlanta United brought the city’s first professional sports championship in more than two decades. Behind the “A” are five black and red stripes representing the five pillars of the team: unity, determination, community, excellence and innovation, 
  2. Loyal fan groups like the grassroots Resurgence, the progressive Footie Mob or the supporters for positive sportsmanship Terminus Legion know how to have a good time before, during and after the game. 
  3. Look to the supporter’s section behind the home goal to find a cool homage to Atlanta, the Golden Spike. This Atlanta United tradition happens just before every game. A guest of honor “nails in” the golden spike (which has been brought in and signed by supporter clubs). This nod to Atlanta’s railroad past definitely gets the crowd amped. Previous spikers have been famous celebrities and local heroes. You never know what icon may be in the spotlight the day you go.
  4. At Mercedes-Benz Stadium, you’ll see how the venue was designed for the ultimate fan experience. With low-cost concessions, a retractable roof, Wi-Fi and 2,000 TV screens around the concourse, you’ll never miss a game-changing moment. 
  5. Participate in a chant or two and listen for the train horn whenever the Five Stripes score, then revel with your fellow United fans. Be on the lookout for the TIFO. Supporters frequently go all out and create huge murals (they’re called TIFOs) to display in their section. The TIFO is proudly displayed and cheered as a one-of-a-kind piece. No two TIFOs are alike so this is a one-time experience. TIFOs range from funny to serious in nature and are always works of art.
At Mercedes-Benz Stadium, you’ll see how the venue was designed for the ultimate fan experience. 📷: Katie Snyder,

Insider tips

Know before you go

When can I catch an Atlanta United FC game?

View the schedule and catch a game during the season from early March to late October.

Where do I go to see an Atlanta United FC game?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the home of Atlanta United FC. The stadium is located at:

1 AMB Drive NW
Atlanta, Ga. 30313

You can also catch an Atlanta United game at these popular spots for watching soccer in Atlanta.

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